SMS-GW3 SMS Gateway

HWg-SMS-GW3 is a SMS gateway for sending text message alarms over a LAN. Send SMS alarms from other HW group products and software through a single gateway and a single SIM. No software needed, works over a LAN at the Box-2-Box level.
  • Use just a single SIM card to send SMS alerts from all HW group products.
  • No software needed
  • The sending device sends the text message directly through the SMS GW (Box-2-Box) over the LAN.
  • Connect the SMS-GW to your account to send alarm messages.
  • Plug-in available for Nagios SMS alerts.

Additional Product Information

HW group devices and software tools use HWg-SMS-GW to send text messages (SMS, cell messages). The message recipient's phone number is always configured in the LAN device or software that sends the alarm.

By using just one SIM card, users of our Ethernet SMS gateway – the HWg-SMS-GW – avoid complicated management. Unlike “SMS by e-mail” solutions, the product does not depend on Internet connectivity to send SMS message alerts.

In addition to sending a SMS alert, the HW group SMS gateway can alert the recipient by dialing a call to the same number and letting it ring for a short time.

HWg-Trigger and HWg-DCD applications, as well as the online portal,

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