Wireless Sensor Hub Powered Relay (WiSPR)

Wireless Sensor Hub Powered Relay

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The Wireless Sensor Hub & Powered Relay (WiSPR) is a wireless hub that is used to relay sensor data between WiSH/WiSPR sensors and the Room Alert 32W or 26W room monitoring system, allowing users to extend the distance of their wireless monitoring. Because the WiSPR sensor is wireless, it can be located anywhere monitoring is desired up to 100m (in the ideal environment) from the main unit or another WiSPR unit without running cables. The WiSPR sensor communicates directly with the Room Alert 32W or 26W and WiSH/WiSPR sensors via a secure, private protocol on a ZigBee based 2.4 Ghz wireless connection. Data sent and retrieved is encrypted and will not interfere with other wireless devices in the environment. A maximum of ten (10) WiSH and/or WiSPR units can be used with each Room Alert 32W or 26W to enable an additional 40 sensors via wireless. The WiSPR sensor consists of one (1) built-in Digital Temperature sensor, two (2) Digital Sensor Ports) for connecting digital sensors and one (1) Switch Sensor Contact Set for connecting a non-voltage switch sensor (i.e. power, flood, smoke, etc.). The WiSPR sensor is powered by the included 5V 1A International Power Adapter.

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