GSM, Narrowband & IOT

Ares GSM Monitoring systems allow you to monitor and log environmental conditions such as Temperature, Humidity, Power and Water etc in remote locations where no ethernet connection is available. When a sensor value reaches an alarm threshold you can receive alerts by SMS, Email or phone rings directly from the unit using a standard SIM card with data enabled.
SensDesk online portal can be used to configure the Ares, send alarms, or display graphs.

Ares products are ready for remote mass deployment using FOTA (Firmware Over The Air).

The Narrowband (NB) devices are for the monitoring of Temperature, Humidity, Water leaks, Voltage, Current and other values in remote places. The Narrowband IoT devices are battery powered with a battery lifetime up to 3 years. The devices connect to the portal where you can monitor and control your entire system. Your project is set up in just a few clicks and you can get your data in minutes.

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